We are asked on a regular basis how your trainers are different from the guys at the local gym.

This is a question which we are proud to answer. Firstly personal training should be just that, personal. If you are in a gym environment with dozens of trainers fighting for space over machines with dozens of onlookers then this is unachievable. At sweat we use the personal training gym of The Martial academy which is a personal trainers dream filled with functional equipment and is private. Alternately you may wish to train at home or a place of your choosing and we can come to you.

In the Past the cost of personal training could be prohibitive for some however at Sweat we are proud to offer excellent service at a cost which is accessible for most.
The last thing which sets us apart is the quality of our trainers. Take a look at our trainer’s page and their list of qualifications we are simply the best.