Below are two case studies of our clients who have learned the rules, worked hard and changed their lives.

Beau Harris

Beau came to us at the beginning of 2015 and was obese. He had been trying for several years to lose the weight he had gained using the normal DIY Gym membership + diet route and found he had actually lost no weight and had in fact gained a little.

We set beau out on 3 PT sessions per week initially and went through his diet with him. Over the course of a year Beau has lost an amazing six stone and has quite astounding fitness levels.

I am proud of the results we helped Beau achieve working hard together he has become a friend too.


Beau Harris Before

Beau Harris After

Maureen Cunningham

When Maureen came to us in 2015 she was hovering around 102 kilos and for a 64 year old woman this was putting a big strain on her heart. In the last year Maureen has lost 22 kilos going from dress size 20 down to a 12.

For many years of her life Maureen took powerful beta blocker drugs to treat her anxiety. Unfortunately these drugs have a side effect which slows the heart and lowers calories required and a result she gained the weight. With a discussion with Maureen we wrote a letter to Maureen’s doctor who has now taken Maureen completely of her meds as she no longer needs them.

We are very proud of you Maureen if you are reading this well done!


Maureen Cunningham Before

Maureen Cunningham After



Jane Before

Jane After